Hosting Services

Several GoByte community members offer masternode hosting services. This service can be realized securely without the customer ever giving up control of the 1000 GBX required for collateral. For security reasons, it is highly recommended to keep the collateral on a hardware wallet when taking advantage of a hosting service. A list of currently available masternode hosting services is available below.

List of hosting services

Disclaimer: GoByte Core may be affiliated with these community members, but is not involved in the provision of any of these services.







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Starting a hosted masternode

Starting a hosted masternode is done in just a few easy steps:

  1. Send 1000 GBX to an address you control in a single transaction and wait for 15 confirmations
  2. Communicate the address to your hosting provider, who will provide you with a masternode IP address and private key
  3. Enter this information in your wallet and start the masternode

It is highly recommended to store the keys to your masternode collateral on a hardware wallet for added security against hackers. This documentation will use a Trezor as an example, but KeepKey and Ledger are also supported. For instructions on using GoByte Core wallet to start the masternode (no longer recommended), contact your hosting provider.

Send the collateral

Set up your Trezor using the Trezor wallet at, update the firmware if necessary and send a test transaction to verify that it is working properly. For help on this, see this guide. Create a new account in your Trezor wallet by clicking Add account. Then click the Receive tab and send exactly 1000 GBX to the address displayed. You should see the transaction as soon as the first confirmation arrives, usually within a few minutes.


Trezor Wallet Receive tab showing successfully received collateral of 1000 GBX

Once the transaction appears, click the QR code on the right to view the transaction on the blockchain. Keep this window open as we complete the following steps, since we will soon need to confirm that 15 confirmations exist, as shown in the following screenshot.


Trezor blockchain explorer showing 15 confirmations for collateral transfer

Correspond with your hosting provider

Once 15 confirmations exist, send the address holding the 1000 GBX to your hosting provider. Payment for operating the masternode will generally also be requested at this point - if paying in GoByte, be careful not to pay from the address holding the collateral. You will receive a reply with the following data:

  • A server IP address
  • A masternode private key
  • The collateral transaction ID (optional)

Start the masternode

The GoByte Masternode Tool (GMT) is required to combine all of this data and issue the command to the network to start the masternode. Download the appropriate version of GMT for your computer from the GitHub releases page here. Unzip the file and run the executable. The following window appears.


GoByte Masternode Tool startup screen

We will now do the final preparation in GoByte GMT. Carry out the following sequence of steps as shown in this screenshot from GMT developer SirBound:


GoByte Masternode Tool configuration steps

  1. Enter the name of your masternode here.
  2. Enter the IP address of your masternode, as provided by your host.
  3. Enter the TCP port number. This should be 12455.
  4. Instead of clicking Generate new, simply enter the masternode private key provided by your host.
  5. Copy the collateral address where you sent the 1000 GBX collateral from your Trezor Wallet and paste it in this field.
  6. Click the arrow → to derive the BIP32 path from your collateral address. You can verify this against the BIP32 path shown on the receive tab in your Trezor Wallet for the transaction.
  7. Click Lookup to find the collateral TX ID for the transaction which transferred the collateral to the address. You can verify this against the TXID shown on the confirmation page of the blockchain explorer for your collateral address.

GoByte Masternode Tool with configuration ready to start masternode

Click Start Masternode using Hardware Wallet. Enter your PIN and confirm on your hardware wallet that you want to transmit this command. The following messages will appear, confirm each one:


GoByte Masternode Tool confirmation dialogs to start a masternode

That’s it! Your masternode is now running, and you should receive regular payments to your masternode address. You can monitor your masternode’s acceptance by the network by entering the collateral address to search the masternode list at For information on how to withdraw masternode payments without affecting operation of the masternode, see here.